Contemporary Marketing – Boone & Kurtz – PDF – Ingles – Ebook

Contemporary Marketing - Boone & Kurtz - PDF

[Ebook – PDF] – Contemporary Marketing

INGLES | PDF | Cengage Learning | 2012 | 15 Edición

Boone & Kurtz | ISBN 9781111221782


Ebook Contemporary Marketing – Descripción y contenido

The reason Boone & Kurtz came together to write the first edition of Contemporary Marketing was revolutionary. They wanted to write a book about marketing that wasn’t an encyclopedia: a text students would find interesting, a text filled with interesting examples and pedagogy. As with every edition of Contemporary Marketing, the 15th edition is packed with new pedagogical features to keep students interested and bring the text topics to life:

• Assessment, Assessment, Assessment: In every marketing department in the country, assessment and assurance of learning among students has become increasingly important. As a result, we’ve provided you with assessment checks after every main head in every chapter. In addition, the end-of-part video cases have been specifically designed to allow instructors to embed
a signature assignment that not only can be used to assess the marketing competency and understanding of concepts by students but also has an associated rubric for assessing student communication ability, understanding of ethics, or application of technology that can then be used for a school’s assurance of learning compliance.

• Assurance of Learning Review: Assurance of learning is further enhanced by end-of-chapter self-quizzes: in addition to ensuring that students are learning throughout the chapter, we’ve taken assessment one step further by incorporating self-quizzes called Assurance of Learning Review at the end of each chapter. These questions are designed to quickly assess whether students understand the basic concepts covered in the chapter.

• Evolution of a Brand: Products, brands, and people that evolve are the ones that succeed. The evolution of Contemporary Marketing is what has put BOONE & KURTZ . . . IN A CLASS BY ITSELF. Every chapter begins with a new Evolution of a Brand feature. This feature discusses the evolution of the company or product that is the focus of the opening vignette and what this evolution means in the larger picture of marketing strategy and product management.

• Career Readiness: Schools realize it has become increasingly important to understand proper business etiquette when entering the business world, so more and more schools are adding business etiquette to their curriculums. Every chapter of Contemporary Marketing contains a Career Readiness (formerly called Etiquette Tips for Marketing Professionals) box, addressing all aspects of proper behavior, including communications etiquette, business dinners, and even the most effective way to create customer relationships.




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